Dreamers of Others

All of my London escorts friends know that I have done some personal reflection recently. To my surprise, my ex love interest turned up in my life. I don’t think he really meant to but his father had taken a bad fall, and he needed to come to visit him. We normally don’t spend a lot of time together but this time he wanted to talk.

At first, like I told my London escorts friends, it felt really awkward but after a while I started to relax in his company. As many of my London escorts friends know, we shared a two year passionate love affair which ended with me leaving him. I broke off the relationship after releasing that he did not really have enough time in his life to fit me in.

My London escorts friends know how devastated I was at the time, and many of my London escorts friends realised that it was going to take me a lot of time to get over him. I have to say that my London escorts friends really looked after me, and if it wasn’t for my London escort friends, I don’t know how I would have made it through.

To cut a long story short, my London escorts put me back on my feet again and made me realise it was more to life than love. London escorts make great friends, and London escorts certainly have a lot of sympathy for the broken hearted.

However, here we are more than 16 years later and I feel I can hear the music playing again. I found myself wondering what life would have been like if we would have stayed together. His lifestyle is somewhat difference to mine but we are also very much alike. I am a Pisces and he is a Cancerian, family matters to him and it does to me as well.

I have to say that I have not really been dreaming about my I have been thinking about him a lot. His father lives close by, and he is a man I adore. We spend a lot of time together, and on top of that my auntie lives four doors down from Jerry in Chiswick. My daughter spends a couple of weeks with my auntie in London every summer, and she sees a lot of Jerry. He spoils her rotten and they have a great time rowing on the Thames together.

It is funny but I always used to complain about his rambling six bedroom house directly on the Thames. The first thing he said to me was that he had fixed the house up, and I have to admit it is not before time. It desperately needed doing.

I started to think about what my life would have been like in that old rambling house of his, and realised I missed the loft space which I had used as an artist’s studio. Honestly, I could have pinched myself but I had asked him what he did with the loft space. To my surprise, my daughter answered that it had been painted white with new skylights, just in case it could be put to good use.

Strange feeling, did he do that for me or himself? I looked at him, and I immediately read “I miss you” in his eyes. Part of me misses him too.

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