Knightsbridge escorts’ Pet Companions

Sometimes an escort’s life can get a bit lonely, and it is nice to have a companion. That doesn’t mean that the companion needs to be a person says Knightsbridge escorts. Just like the rest of us, Knightsbridge escorts like to keep pet and many Knightsbridge escorts are pet mad. One of the Knightsbridge escorts that we spoke to seems to have a whole menagerie at home. I am pleased to hear that she has her own professional boudoir, and keeps her pets at home.


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I thought it would be interesting to know what pets Knightsbridge escorts kept, so I sent them all an email and asked them to tell me more.

YoYo – Yorkshire Terrier

Elana, a gorgeous blonde escort from Knightsbridge, sent me a photo of her pet Yorkshire Terrier YoYo. He is one of those tiny little teacup Yorkies, and only weighs 3 kilos. Elana loves her little Yorkie boy, and one of her favorite things is to dress him up in different outfits.

YoYo has a range of different outfits ranging from combat jackets to his own personal pyjamas. Elana also likes to adorn Yoyo in jewelery, and he has a beautiful selection of colors from some of the best stores in London. In his photos he looks like a really spoiled little boy, and wears a pretty blue pin in his hair.

Arnie – The Boa

Arnie is a 6 ft boa constrictor snake kept by another Knightsbridge escort. Nina never used to be a stripper but she does like her Arnie. To her he is the ultimate companion, and she says that he looks stunning laying at the back of her sofa. In the photo that she sent us Arnie is enjoy a splash in the bath surrounded by his rubber ducks.

Nina says that Arnie actually likes to play with his rubber ducks before exciting the bath for a quick run down, and a cuddle with his mom.

Zena – the Egyptian Mau

Zena is five year old Egyptian Mau cat who is kept by Sara. Egyptian May cats are an ancient breed and were probably the original temple cats. They cost a fortune to buy, and they are very smart cats. Zena loves going out with Sara, and she walks very well on a lead. She is also a very vocal cat, and judging form the video link that Sara sent. she can’t talk about any subject.

She looks a bit like a leopard, and also has something very Siamese about her. It is a lovely cat, and looks perfect adorning Sara’s Arabic style boudoir.

The girls in Knightsbridge also kept a lot of other pets, and one lady even kept rats. She loves her rat, and she says they are super smart and very clean. Of course, she does not let them into her boudoir but she does have a passion for anything rat or mice. She loves to dress up as a little mouse when she is about to receive, but there are other times when she meets gents dressed as a naughty rat. Apparently, in her world – rats can be naughty sometimes and you should always be nice to rats.